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How To Delete Instagram Account in 2 Minutes – 2019

Fed up of Instagram or Is there any other reason to Delete or Temporarily Deactivate the Instagram Account, Here’s the easiest way to delete the Instagram account in Just 2 minutes

There are easiest ways to delete an Instagram account we will tell you how to delete your Instagram permanently and Temporarily deactivate the Instagram account

There are 2 options available

1. Temporarily Disable Your Account

2. Permanently Delete Your Account

Step 1 – First step is to Sign in to your Instagram account

Either ways you can do it on your desktop or Instagram mobile app

Step 2 – Login with your Instagram User name and password

Once you logged in successfully you will get your home feed info, here you will have to find profile Icon

Instagram download

Step 3 – Select the profile Icon at the bottom menu to the right click or tap on it then you will be taken to the profile page

Step 4 – Click on Edit Profile

Step 5 – Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the Blue link which says Temporarily disable my account and click on it

Step 6 – Now you will be ask for the reason to disable your Instagram account or Why you wish to disable your Instagram account

Step 7 – Select the reason from the drop down menu and make sure you select the appropriate reason why you wish to disable Instagram account

Instagram account

Step 8 – Re- enter your password for verification

Step 9 – Click or tap the big blue Temporarily Disable Account button to disable the account. Click or tap to confirm it if Instagram gives you a pop-up message

Step 10 – Instagram will open new page to confirm that your account has been temporarily disabled

This is how you get Instagram account off your phone

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If you wish to permanently delete your Instagram account follow the steps below

There is a separate link to permanently delete Instagram account

Step 1 – Click on this link

Step 2 – Login with your User name and password

Step 3 – You will be taken to your Delete your account page

Step 4 – Select the reason for Delete an Instagram Account

Step 5 – Re-enter your password then click or tap the big red Permanently deactivate my account button

It is easy to find Where is the delete your account page on Instagram login

Step 6 – Instagram will ask you If you confirm to permanently delete your Instagram account thats it your Instagram account will be deleted permanently

It is very easy to remove an Instagram account from your phone

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